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This petition was inspired by an eight-week series on immigration issues at American Reformed Church in Orange City last fall in which immigrants, clergy, educators, employers, social service providers and law enforcement officers participated.

Readers are referred to a Blog musing titled “Christians Doing Politics Take Another Beating” on Harold Heie’s web site This brief essay presents a rationale for Christians to become involved in political initiatives, especially by speaking up on behalf of those, like our Hispanic neighbors, who have little voice in our political system.


This petition is sponsored by the Sioux County 100 committee, composed of:

Susan Carlson
Kathy Gabel
Judy Hauswald
Harold Heie (Chair)
Peg Juffer
Ron Juffer
Anne Junod
Eydie Owens

Question about this petition can be addressed to Harold Heie at (712)737-8676 or by using the form below.


Local petition signers

There are currently 814 signatures
Name City Comment
Zoey Frontmany
Mark Rosenbury West Des Moines God bless ALL Sioux County residents.
Sonia Parras Konrad Des Moines
Megan Thibodeau Des Moines
Paul Turner Des Moines
Sandra Sanchez Des Moines Wonderful work, let's keep it up!
Doris Knight Des Moines Great Goals
Kathy Jorgensen Urbandale
Brian Carter Windsor Heights
Erika Jurkiewicz West Des Moines
Jeanie Hagedorn Des Moines
Ruth Hernandez Sioux Center It's even in the Bible: Love our neighbors as ourselves... treat people how you yourself would want to be treated. STOP BREAKING UP FAMILIES!!! Don't be part of the problem, be part of the solution.
Kristen Borchardt Columbus, NE
Marge Beernink Sioux Center
Robbin Eppinga Sioux Center
Tom Klaus Columbia, MD I'm a native Iowan (Burlington) and live for 50 years in the state. I've always been proud of my home state for being welcoming to immigrants and helping to resettle those in need of refuge. Thanks to the good people of Northwest Iowa for taking this stand, raising their voices, and working together to right the wrongs of our immigration system.
Erika Pantoja Fort Wayne, IN
Rev. Jonathan Spronk Austinville, IA
Kelly Organ Decorah May our churches continue to witness the love of Christ to all people, especially those made most vulnerable by broken systems. Keep up the good work, Iowa!
Norma Jean Bosma Sibley
Daryl Bosma Sibley
Kevin McMahan Orange City I thought I'd already signed, but don't see my name on the list so I'm eager to add it. I wish I'd been in town to attend the rally prior to the debate last Thursday.
Lynn Wielenga Hull We are a nation of immigrants so let's make it possible for them to come legally (guest workers) and easier for them to become full citizens if they choose to stay. Compassion is key to reforming immigration law.
James M Slegers Orange City
Ginny Jackson Ames
Susan Franzen Ames Keep the proud heritage of immigrant support dating to the welcoming of Laotian refugees by Gov. Robert Ray. We all benefit from policies that support legal immigrants.
Duane Jundt Orange City
mark kassis ames
Ruth Harthoorn Kocisko Sioux Center
Terry Lowman Ames, Iowa 50014 Iowa has always been a welcoming state and I'm all for constinuing that hospitable environment.
Lori Porschml Storm Lake As a lifelong Iowan and educator, I believe that we need to work to make opportunities available for all who are here- regardless of how they came to Iowa. The time is now for reform and for us to send a message to those who represent us in government that we do not support the efforts to remove these valuable individuals from our lives and communities.
Dave Leach- Partnership Machine Inc. Des Moines This is great, all except the E-verify part. The system's errors relating to citizens, and its inability to correctly identify even half of undocumented immigrants, results in literally as many citizens losing their jobs because of E-Verify "no matches" as immigrants. Let me send you the figures.
FA Schaeffer Dubuque Respect for each individual is key to effective comprehensive immigration reform that protects our country and those who would like to live and contribute to our nation.
Cornelia B Flora Ames
Malinda Burk Lincoln, NE
Geof Fischer Des Moines
Mary A O'Connor Dubuque I support immigration reform NOW!
Mary Ann Lenore Eifert Dubuque
Danna Braaksma Ocheyedan
Carl Loras Pilmaier Dubuque
Mary A. Buser Dubuque
Ann Prochhnow Iowa Falls
Mary Kelliher Dubuque
Anne Buckley Dubuque How can a person be against keeping families together? We need our immigrants as we always have needed them. They are America's bedrock.
Laura Anderson Clinton
Yvonne Mattioli Dubuque
Alicia Claypool W. Des Moines, IA Great work on raising this issue and working together to support immigrant workers and their families. They contribute in so many ways to our communities across the state and should be respected and valued for their hard work, commitment to family and seeking to improve their lives and that of their children, just like so many of our ancestors.
Jean M. Lanahan
Evelyn Nadeau Dubuque
Matthew Manternach Cascade IA
Jane McCarthy Clinton
Mary C. Weeks Iowa Falls
Carolyn Farrell
Florence Heflin Dubuque
LaVerne Dolphin Dubuque
Teresa A. Hadro Dubuque Important effort! Thanks, Sioux County for getting it started.
Mary Martens Dubuque
Barbara Tascher Dubuque I support these goals seeking reform in immigration laws to benefit all/
Amy Golm Dubuque
Mary A. Lutgen Dubuque
John Herzog Ames
LaDonna Manternach Dubuque
Mary Ann Zollmann Dubuque
Patricia Ann Taylor Dubuque, Ia. I CERTAINLY BELIEVE THE SAME!
Marlene McDonnell Bernard It is appalling the way we have treated our Hispanic brothers and sisters. We are willing to use them but refuse to treat them with dignity.
Mary Donahey
Susan Rink Dubuque
Diane Rapozo Dubuque
Brigid Mary Hart Dubuque
Sharon Scully Dubuque
Jane Rogers Dubuque
Bertha Fox Dubuque, Iowa These do-able changes to the laws will help all people in Iowa and the entire USA.
Kathleen Carr Dubuque I completely support the Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Statement of Principles. These principles are based in strong Christian morals and a true understanding of democracy.
Frances Berger Dubuque These people are deserving of citizening of citizenship just as our forefathers were many years ago.
Mary D. Collins Dubuque Thank you for caring about such an important issue for our immigrants.
Marcella O'Rourke Dubuque I support the Cristians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Statement of Principals.
Pat Griffin Dubuque
Judith Callahan Dubuque, IA
Catherine Gibbns Dubuque
Sara McAlpin Dubuque, IA
kathryn Lawlor Dubuque When I welcome the strangers they are no longer strangers.
Eileen Healy Dubuque We must become a country which welcomes, knowing we are all made stronger.
Mary Crimmin Dubuque
Dolores Doohan Dubuque I strongly believe we must have comprehensive immigration reform.
Harriet Holles Dubuque I affirm the need for both just and loving treatment of our immigrant sisters and brothers.
norm freund Dubuque
Eliza Kenney Dubuque I strongly support Immigration Reform and request that you do likewise. It's the RIGHT thing to do.
Nancy J. McCarville Waterloo, Iowa
Marie Virginia Crilly Dubuque
Lou Anglin
Mary Moothart Dubuque
Joy Peterson Dubuque This is both a just and a loving response to the current unjust situation.
Rita Menart Cedar Falls, Iowa
Beverly Eichler Dubuque, IA
Mary O'Toole Dubuque I fully support this petition and think that reforms suggested with rcognize the dignity of all people and provide work needed by the US economy.
Elvira Dubuque Comprehensive immigration reform is desparately needed. I wholeheartedly support this petition.
Mary McCauley Dubuque, Iowa I commend this initiative and would like to see this type of a petition spread throughout the entire state. We are desperate for comprehensive immigration reform. Thank you.
Marge Staudt Dubuque, IA We must respect and promote the dignity of each person. The "golden rule", the common good, etc.
Karla Kloft Dubuque
Mary Catherine Katoski Dubuque I am so for reform for the dignity of our guests and immigrants - AND for our own economy. I like to eat!
Wanda Dossey Dubuque
Helen Huewe Remsen (native of)
Gabriel Harder Orange City How can a person be illegal? The current immigration laws are unethical--there's no way around it.
Suzanne Vander Ploeg Sioux Center
pablo storm lake
Julieta storm lake
Jessica Navarro Storm Lake
Ruth Freese Storm Lake This is not a new problem. My opinion is based on personal story. My family farmed in Southern California from the 1930's to 1950's.During the depression years crossing the boarder was out of favor because of the depression. Then, when we joined WW2, all of a sudden we were short of man power and welcomed immigrants with the braceros program. My father hired Tebursio and Savas every winter to help him with our winter tomatoes.They only paid a fee to cross the border and they were called "undocumented workers" and there was nothing "illegal" about them.During this time about 5 million people came to the US and made this their home part time or full time. In the 1960s when the post war boom was over the unions complained about the braceros competing for jobs and the bracero program ended in 1964. We lost touch with both men, who had become like members of our family. We know they had many family members born or working in the US since their families had first begun working for the Californian Vallejo family in the 1860s. In 1967, on a trip to Mexico, my mother tried to trace and contact tebursio without luck. In my opinion our currant laws allow racial exploitation for economic gain without consideration of the damage done to lives and families and futures. We should be ashamed.
Christy Jepsen Storm Lake
Paulette Gindler-Bishop Edinburg, Texas I am a native Storm Laker, but have lived and worked in South Texas for the last 30 years as a teacher for recent immigrants. Who are we punishing when we refuse to educate the children of undocumented workers? What will be we do in 18 years with thousands of uneducated, angry young adults?
Stephanie Hays Storm Lake
Inderjit Singh storm lake
Angie Snyder Nemaha I'm a native of Storm Lake. We need immigrants to keep our factories and communities thriving. Let's put our heads together to create good laws that make sense! We need to remember that these laws effect human beings and they deserve to be treated as such. Children left without parents and wives left without income earning spouses only forces people to use a lot more government resources.
Amanda Emery Storm Lake My family was recently torn apart by these issues just last weekend. Now my 9 month old and I are left without our daddy and fiance, with no options. Immigration reform is not an option, we need actions!
Todd M. Zuidema Hull We all agree that we need laws governing immigration. If we can get beyond soundbytes and talking points, we could have good laws that address the current situation and benefit not only the immigrants who wish to reside here legally, but also benefit our community and nation.
Cristi Bauerly LeMars
Jackie De Groot Orange City
Kirsten McConnel Sioux Center
Lillian Drake Orange City,
Alan Graves Hartley
Kendall Stanislav Orange City
Stephanie Schoening Sheldon
Luan McQuown Boyden
Jerelyn Schelhaas Sioux Center IA
Carolyn Yoder Orange City
Benjamin Peake Sheldon
Sidney Sandbulte Hull
Kim Blankespoor Sioux Center
Cortney Sandbulte Le Mars
Maggie Eilts Sioux Center
Dan Draayer Sioux Center
Janice Vandermeulen Orange City
Rick Van Ravenswaay Sioux Center
Ann Lundberg Orange City
Corky Koerselman Sibley
Tony A. Metz Sioux Center
Marcie Baartman Rock Valley
Tessie Nelson Larchwood
Judy Hoogeveen Hull
Kim Hoogland Sioux Center
Brenda Draayer Sioux Center
Sandy Mouw Storm Lake
Sally Oakes Edman Orange City
Drew Schmidt Orange City
Rachel De Smith Sioux Center
Marcie Schuiteman Sioux Center
Marianne Sjaarda Ireton
Barbara Bosma Ocheyedan
Carrie Krohn Orange City
Heather Van Es Sioux Center
Brian Schekirke Storm Lake
Kathleen VanTol Sioux Center
Randy Widbin Sioux Center
Megan Pigott Cherokee
Dixie Wielenga Orange City
Miguel Flores Storm Lake Protect families and grow small town economies sounds like a win win situation.
Julia Marra Hull
Merriya Pickner Hawarden
Tyler Youngers Sheldon
Stan De Zeeuw Rock Valley
Kari Wieking Orange City
Beth Pekar Orange City
Chris Goedhart Sioux Center
Pat Ahrenholz Orange City
Jackie Riepma Boyden
Lyn Rucker Herington, KS
Holli Safley Storm Lake, IA
Warren Vander Helm Sioux Center
Debra Netten Storm Lake
Edward Starkenburg Orange City
Shelby GUnn Storm Lake
Becky Morton Storm Lake
Iris Hernandez storm lake Please lets do something to stop families from being separated from their husbands and kids.
Lori Darrow Newell
Emily Entsminger Sioux Center
JoElyn Ten Clay Sheldon
Jason Kornelis Sioux Center
Steve Mahr Orange City
Linda Wessels Rock Rapids
Bob Johnson Orange City
Connie Cody Sutherland
itelmenly Taiping What light of day isn't today?
Chris White Le Mars
Michael Kraayenbrink Sibley
Kim Doeden Sibley, Ia I agree very much with this petition and the goals established here. I have been a registered nurse for over 18 years and have seen so many families broken, separated and torn apart. Some forever! I don't know how they do it. I would never be able to live without my kids. Most of them are very good people with very good values and morals, and are hard workers. I don't understand why we can't give them a temporary work visa and start the process of becoming legal. Keep the families together!
Dan Goebel Orange City Matt. 25:35
Karin Schwarz Sibley
Heidi Douma Sibley
Debbie Haberkorn Sibley We are forced to educate children who were brought here by their parents. Some of these children work so hard to do well in school. Many of their parents contribute positively to our communities. The children live in fear their whole lives that someone will take away their parents. Some even graduate from college after we help them get an education. Then, we want them to go back to a country where they are in danger because they are strangers. They are educated and ridiculed by people there who don't know them. The children who were brought here as infants literally don't have a place to belong. They are not all bad people and their parents are not all bad people. Their parents came here to build a better life for the children they love.
Rev. Kevin Richter Le Mars
Matt Mellema Orange City
Drew Nonnemacher Remsen
Jeff Gallagher Larchwood We have to find a solution to this problem and justice demands we work together to find a workable answer, but not just an easy amnesty
Terri Kallsen Hawarden I am very concerned about the affect it has on a child’s education if one of his/her parents are kept in Mexico for a lengthy period of time because of the immigration process. Usually this means the child is taken out of school for an extended length of time to keep the family together. This impacts the child's learning and is detrimental to their education. Education is the best gift we can give our children!!
Joseph Slegers Orange City
Greta Eckardt-Swier Rock Valley
Naomi Friend Ames, IA cool.
Ashlie Lobaugh Orange City
Kaycia Hettver Orange City
Kelly Burds Orange City