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This petition was inspired by an eight-week series on immigration issues at American Reformed Church in Orange City last fall in which immigrants, clergy, educators, employers, social service providers and law enforcement officers participated.

Readers are referred to a Blog musing titled “Christians Doing Politics Take Another Beating” on Harold Heie’s web site This brief essay presents a rationale for Christians to become involved in political initiatives, especially by speaking up on behalf of those, like our Hispanic neighbors, who have little voice in our political system.


This petition is sponsored by the Sioux County 100 committee, composed of:

Susan Carlson
Kathy Gabel
Judy Hauswald
Harold Heie (Chair)
Peg Juffer
Ron Juffer
Anne Junod
Eydie Owens

Question about this petition can be addressed to Harold Heie at (712)737-8676 or by using the form below.


Local petition signers

There are currently 814 signatures
Name City Comment
Lila Richards Hawarden
Joshua Martinsen Akron
Jill Vonnahme Le Mars
Jane Vogel Orange city
Mary Korthas Brunsville
Ross Fernstrum Orange City
Richard E. Seivert LeMars
Alan Vonnahme Le Mars
Alison Bondy Sioux City Please take a good look at this reform and be sure that it is fair, non-discriminatory and takes children in schools into account.
Vicki Oetken Le Mars
James Davis Mapleton
Jennifer Davis
Megan Walhof Orange City
Kelsey Doornenbal Sioux Center
Michael Sas Sioux Center
Marla Sas Hull
Erin Sietstra Sheldon
Terissa Te Slaa Hull
Erica Davis Orange City
Jill Lemke Orange City
Andrea Ver Mulm Rock Valley
Kaitlin Choquette Sloan
Keely Bracelin Milford, IA
Emilee Berry Battle Creek
Carly Rozeboom Boyden
Maria Hooyer Sioux Center
Bethany Dykstra Orange City Thank you so much to the Sioux County 100 for finding a way for everyday people to make a difference in the lives of people around them. :-)
Cindy Barwick Sheldon
Laura DeJong Hull
Judd Kopperud Le Mars
Joan Kopperud Moorhead
Cliff St. Clair Sheldon
Billie Barry Le Mars
Yvonne Kraft Carter Lake, IA
Kari Kopperud LeMars
Emily Honken Raymond, MN
Laurie Furlong Orange City
Lori Cannoy Sheldon
Stephanie Aguilar Cherokee
Taylor Culver Sioux City
Megan Ott Clear Lake
Alexondra Baughman Sioux City
Taylor Morris Ringsted
Rylee Hulstein Sioux Center
Kami Kuhlmann Charter Oak
Jerome Hoegh Hawarden
Jacey Hoegh Atlantic
Brandon Lenderink Sheldon
Dan Fabor Sioux Center
Emily Perry urbandale
Kari Vander Plaats Sioux Center
Brooke Rozeboom Sioux Center
Amber Maloney Hartley
Cassaundra De Bruin George
Jack Bonnecroy Orange City
Amanda Schuld Orange City
Emily Peterson Upsala, MN
Emily Loveland Orange City
Daisy Langton Inwood
Tim Kamp Orange City
Melissa Wenthe Sheldon
Laura Huls Orange City
Zachary Dieken George
Nathan Wolf Orange City
Ashley Schneider Marcus
Tena Jeppesen Sibley
Hannah Krohn Orange City
Jennifer Kahanic Sioux City
Erin Van Hal Orange City
Katherine White Orange City, Iowa
Jennifer GARCILAZO Sioux City As a wife & mother CURRENTLY on the roller coaster of the immigration process, I truly believe that a change is needed! My husband has been in Mexico for the past 10 months, missing valuable time with our 7 year old daughter & has MISSED the birth of our 4 month old daughter. He has never been in trouble with the law in either Mexico or while in the US but because of the current process he is being "punished" for his decision to enter the US. He came here in the hopes of finding a better life but now that his wishes have come true, they are being broken by our long separation. What does the Consulate hope to gain by straining marriages & creating questions for young children? Please make the process better & fill in the holes. Making families wait with NO word on the process time is heart breaking! WE MISS YOU OMAR & LOVE YOU!
Michelle Kraayenbrink Orange City
Hannah Heagy Orange City
sandy van kley Sioux Center
Sheila Maxwell Rock Rapids
Aaron Hoekstra Alton
Rebecca Reints Orange City Please! It needs to be done!
Amanda Kirsch Orange City
Kati Heng Orange City
Chris Butler Orange City, IA
Honna Brown Orange City, IA
Kate Eick Orange City
Mariah Tappe Orange City
Jordan Swain Orange City, IA
AJ Nowak Orange City
Kaylee Thompson Le Mars, IA
Kelsey Martinez Orange City, IA
Ranita Nail Rock Rapids, IA
Jenna Harms Orange City, IA
Abby Van Gorp Orange City
Ricky Ortiz Orange City
Gil Reyes Orange City
Lori DeJong Ireton
Ben Docker Rock Rapids
Taylor Studer Orange City
Nadine Lundgren Orange City
Warren Angus Mount Ayr
Layce Johnson Tulare
Nate Johnston Orange City
Janella Frankl Reicks Cherokee
Therese Becker Storm Lake
Inez Schaechterle Storm Lake
Micah Weber Rock Valley
Briana Baughman Sioux City
Melissa Mulder Sioux Center
Malea Beeson Orange City
Danielle Maurer Sioux City
Kim Starkenburg Orange City
Kimberly De Boer Sioux Center
Donna Holmes Storm Lake
Carolyn Ann Brown Storm Lake
Ron Frankl Reicks Cherokee The threat that we perceive from the presence of the "alien in our midst" says more about our insecurities than about them. Let's welcome them!
Allan A. Reicks Sheldon, IA
Wendy P Sanborn I can't think of an issue of more importance. We are forcing people to do things illegally. Why should a person who has lived all but a few months of their life in the United States be considered an illegal alien?
James Klein Le Mars
Susan Klein Hospers
Janet S. Klein Hospers,
Junior Hoogland Maurice
Jodi Negaard Rock Valley
Stacie Myers Sheldon
John Olson Hull, Ia
Molly Korver Alton, IA
isortroky Jubail Obedient bye, sentimental soul mate :)
Kayla DeVries Sioux Center
Diego Quintana Selma,Ca
Jessica Kempema Orange City
Jesse McCann Greenfield
Kaitlyn Benes ORANGE CITY
Ethan Raysby Sioux City
Liz Hancock Humboldt “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” ~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Dan De Groot Rock Valley
Katie Freemyer Omaha
Grant Willits Orange City
Kraig Hulstein Sioux Center
tia gilliland mount ayr
Kristi Von Hagel Sioux City
Erica Van Horssen Maurice
Ana Lucia Mora Demestri Sioux Center May God prosper this land because we seek to follow His justice and shalom.
Virginia France Sioux City People want to come to the United States for the same reasons immigrants have been coming for the last 200 years--one of which is to have a better life for themselves and their families. My mother emigrated from Holland with her parents and sisters in 1926 when she was ten years old. Yes,they did so legally, but if immigration laws had been as difficult to navigate then as they are now, I might be living in Holland! The same could be said of most of us!
Alan Vogel Orange City
Ruby Moore Decatur
Helen Pollock Malvern
Noma Le Moine Sioux City
Jeremy Budi Sioux Center
Sheryl Fett-Petekavich Sioux City I am a teacher of ESL in Sioux City, IA, and support immigration reform! These stories break my heart! I LOVE my families; they are hard-working people with STRONG family alegiance who are trying to do what our ancestors did! We are a nation of immigrants, yet the govenrment is making things very diffcult for the modern day immigrants and is tearing apart their families! I hope we can resolve this problem soon!
Bridgett Chaclan Sioux City My husband was brought here illegally when he was 6 years old. He has had to return to Guatemala twice to obtain his visa. The first time he went to Guatemala he left his 5 year old daughter with his mother and was gone for 7 months. He returned and had a temporary 2 year visa. During that time we were married and his visa expired. He willingly did the “right thing” and again left his 7 year old daughter, my son, and myself for 10 months. I don’t know what it will take to fix this problem but I do know that something is broken with the system when a father has to leave his daughter twice and miss out on one and a half years of her life.
Janet Musson Le Mars My son-in-law came to the US illegally and lived in Sioux City for several years before meeting my daughter and getting married. As soon as they were married, the paperwork was started to get him legal. Thousands of dollars, and many legal forms later, he voluntarrly went back to Mexico to go through the process. He left July 29, 2011 and after having 2 meeting in Juarez, MX now sits and waits at his family home for the US government to let him back legally. He never was in any trouble here or in MX. He is just an honest man who wants to work in the US legally to support his family and eventually become a US citizen. In the mean time, my daughter waits with their girls for his return. Emotionally and fiancially this has been very difficult for her. Their has to be some way for our Hispanic neighbors to work through these problems without seperating families.
Dan Dickes Sioux Center
Tammy Torres Orange City
Renee Vander Boek Orange City
Emily Gutz Storm Lake
Jeff Timmer Sioux Center, IA
Carlos Bahena Sioux Center
Ashley Wolf Storm Lake
Elena Hernandez
Vicki Vander Lugt Hawarden IA
Tom Miller Rock Valley, IA
Deon Wynia Sioux Center
Mary Pat Miller Rock Valley
Sue A Gant Hawarden, Iowa Justice For ALL in our community!
Joel Venhuizen Sioux Center IA
Dan Lozer Struble As it is, we are kicking out productive people.
Alyssum Roe Orange City
Erin Olson Sanborn IA
Cal De Ruyter Rock Valley
Jason Wyenberg Sioux Center
Colette Wassom Scott Sioux Center
Deadre Van Niejenhuis Sioux Center
H. Spangler Overland Park, KS God bless humankind!
Danielle Wyenberg Sioux Center
Stephanie Regnerus Sioux Center
Mandi Wolfswinkel Sioux Center
Katie Brennan Creston
Lisa DeBoer Santa Barbara, CA
Melinda Fedders Orange City
Cheri Larsen Hoeckley Santa Barbara This mother of an immigrant is grateful to be your neighbor in hope from Santa Barbara, CA.
Lucas angus mount ayr
Loralie Wiese Sioux Center
Mark Juhl Remsen
Amy Van Regenmorter Rock Valley
Adele Kamerman Sioux Center
Bonnie Van't Land Hull, IA
Nichole Hulstein Sioux Center
Brian Hauswald
Laurie Gabhart Sioux Center
Barbara Top Sioux Center
Jolynn Oliver LeMars, Iowa
Paul Kurtzleben Orange City
Mike Wilson Storm Lake, Iowa Let us all remember that all of us had ancestors who did the very same thing--come to America in search of opportunity and a better life. The system must get fixed.
Barb Vermeer Sioux Center
Jon Hauswald Sioux Center, IA
Amanda Sliva Orange City
Gary Malenke Orange City
Janice Luevano Hull
Pam Ebel Paullina Our daughter married a Hispanic, and have a 6 year old daughter. He is a nice hard working man, who came to the states with family when he was 14. He broke the law by driving without a license, to go to work. They both worked. He was deported a year agp due to this. Making my daughter a single mom, and my granddaughter fatherless. They have been fighting for a year to bring him back, legally. So he can work legally, drive etc. there is no end date for his return. It is heartbreaking and a money pit at this point. Ramon was young when came here, not on his decision, but continuals to be caught in the immigration loophole. It is time for a change!! Pam Ebel
Jerry Van Voorst Sioux Center
Aaron Schmidt Sioux Center
Sarah Skripsky Santa Barbara, CA (native of Orange City, IA)
Duane Vande Griend Hull, IA