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This petition was inspired by an eight-week series on immigration issues at American Reformed Church in Orange City last fall in which immigrants, clergy, educators, employers, social service providers and law enforcement officers participated.

Readers are referred to a Blog musing titled “Christians Doing Politics Take Another Beating” on Harold Heie’s web site This brief essay presents a rationale for Christians to become involved in political initiatives, especially by speaking up on behalf of those, like our Hispanic neighbors, who have little voice in our political system.


This petition is sponsored by the Sioux County 100 committee, composed of:

Susan Carlson
Kathy Gabel
Judy Hauswald
Harold Heie (Chair)
Peg Juffer
Ron Juffer
Anne Junod
Eydie Owens

Question about this petition can be addressed to Harold Heie at (712)737-8676 or by using the form below.


Local petition signers

There are currently 814 signatures
Name City Comment
Valerie Stokes Orange City
Tim Schlak Orange City
Margo Vanderhill Alton
Sara Tolsma Orange City
Ron Juffer Orange City
Peg Juffer Orange City
John Buntsma Orange City
Michael Andres Orange City
Laurie Daily Orange City
Sherri Langton Orange City
Joe Heitritter Rock Valley
Jeff VanDerWerff Orange City
Judy Hauswald Sioux Center
Harold Heie Orange City