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Major Goals of the Petition

  • To Protect Families and Children -- Reform immigration law to be more “family friendly” – enabling immigrant families to stay together or reunite, and enabling immigrant families to flourish
  • To Grow Small Town Economies -- Expand legal avenues for workers to enter our country and work in a safe and legal manner with their rights and due process fully protected, and for workers who are already contributing to our economy though employment to continue to work while applying for legal status that reflects their contribution to our communities
  • To Practice Smart Law Enforcement – Implement smart immigration law enforcement initiatives consistent with maintaining human dignity and respect that includes fostering positive relationships with all local residents while deterring and punishing criminal activity


Local petition signers

There are currently 814 signatures
Name City Comment
Valerie Stokes Orange City
Tim Schlak Orange City
Margo Vanderhill Alton
Sara Tolsma Orange City
Ron Juffer Orange City
Peg Juffer Orange City
John Buntsma Orange City
Michael Andres Orange City
Laurie Daily Orange City
Sherri Langton Orange City
Joe Heitritter Rock Valley
Jeff VanDerWerff Orange City
Judy Hauswald Sioux Center
Harold Heie Orange City